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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Sugar Glazed Walnuts and Introduction to "Microwave Apparatus"

"Persian Walnuts"
Almeda Lambert (1898)
One thing Nigel and I have learned is that the most exquisite of culinary items are also sometimes the most simple.  While we were having tea with Madame Umber Landbouwer, she had a bowl of sugar glazed walnuts which she had cooked just prior to our visit.  When asked for the recipe, she introduced Nigel and I to a new and wonderous gadget, called the Miniature Non-ionizing Micro Wavelength Radiation Calefaction Apparatus (or "Microwave Apparatus", for short). 

This gadget is essentially a small metal box that uses "microwave radiation" to heat molecules in the food items placed within the heating chamber.  We were warned that there are some items that should not be put into this device, though we are not sure what the consequences would be of doing so, as Madame Landbouwer would not allow Nigel to experiment with it.  Nigel, being interested in understanding and sometimes owning mechanical advances of all natures, is determined to construct one for our homestead.

There are recipes for making sugar glazed nuts in a baking oven or on the stove top, but below is how to make them in the wonderful Microwave Apparatus.  Enjoy!